How to stop letting fear keep you stuck

Something that humans enjoy is having control – we would do just about anything to prevent that terrible feeling of uncertainty… but in life, it is unavoidable.

At times, uncertainty isn’t just unsettling, it’s crippling.

However, it’s vital for growth and when you find yourself faced with a change or period in your life that is challenging you can ask yourself what lesson is in it.


What is it that you need to face head first and conquer?

Your uncertainty could be due to anything – it could be a difficult trend in your industry that is making you rethink your career choice and wonder if you’re truly capable.

It might be a shift in your finances that has left you worrying about your cash flow.

It could be uncertainty in your relationship that is forcing you to be more honest.

Uncertainty doesn’t always have to be negative – there is a lot of good to be found.

You can’t see what the future holds, the only thing you can do is be prepared and plan to embrace whatever change comes to you.

How do you plan for the future?

Build Self-Respect

When you make promises to yourself, learn how to deliver on them.

If it is financial security, then create a budget, balance it, and stick to what you’ve set for yourself.

If you’re chasing a new job, then promise yourself you’ll make five new contacts every week.

If you’re ready to settle down and find a long-term relationship, then follow through by going on at least one date a week with someone who is a potential match.

The more frequently you make promises and keep them, the more you realise how strong you are and how you can handle any storm.

It starts with honesty, part of building trust with yourself and in relationships with others is being open, and honest about who you truly are.

Creating certainty for your finances means being honest about your income and your expenses and learning how to deal with your poor spending habits.

When you achieve peace with regards to your choices (whether it’s moving home, leaving the country or getting a divorce) you should be able to communicate your decision to others who will be impacted by it.

Do so with grace.

One of the most upsetting parts of life’s situations is the reaction of others.

That uncertainty can be even worse than the uncertainty surrounding your situation.

Be prepared to listen, but be ready to state your case and move on.


Understand Uncertainty

Every journey is laced with risk, pain, laughter, celebration, and loss.

Unfortunately, we can’t cherry pick life and experience only the parts we want to.

The ride is all-inclusive, and part of embracing uncertainty means understanding that it will always be there.

You can let it hold you back, or you can work through it to find joy and purpose.


Seek Adventure

Life-changing moments often occur when we are in flow.

Sometimes by letting go of comfort, adventure comes naturally because we’re stopped trying to control every situation that we find ourselves in.

There is strength in letting things unfold without intention.

We are all guilty of allowing fear to keep us stuck.

We don’t chase opportunities because we’re afraid of giving up stability.

We won’t break up with the person who makes us miserable because we’re worried no one else will love us.

We keep doing the same things over and over and wondering why it doesn’t make us happy today, even though it didn’t bring happiness yesterday.

With change comes excitement and progress, it isn’t something you should fear.

Are your fears holding you back from achieving your goals? Leave a comment below and let me know how you have overcome them.

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