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I believe you are the expert of your own life. Deep down, you know what your hopes and dreams are, you just need a little bit of help to create an achievable action plan to make it happen.




Hi, I’m Jilanne!

I create digital planners and journals that are good for your soul!

I help you find what lights you up so you can live a more fulfilled life and inspire others to do the same.

Do you want to get clear about what you truly want, feel more confident and have the courage to go after your dreams?


Live life with intention!

Reader review:

” I love your seeing your newsletter in my inbox! They are so beautiful, always fun and informative! I learn so much from them and can’t wait to try the products you share!”   ~ Catherine


Move away from being ‘busy’ and be more in the flow.

Slow down and have a deeper connection with yourself.

Live a more intentional life,
rather than rushing from one thing to the next, living life on autopilot.

Be quiet to give your inner wisdom a chance to speak.


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