How to Manifest all of Your Desires

I live in rural New Zealand in a small town called Charleston, which is on the West Coast of the South Island.

I live off the grid with my husband and son. This means our electricity comes mostly from the sun – with a backup generator for rainy days, water comes from the rain and we have a septic tank for grey and black water. We do also have wifi đŸ˜‰

I never thought what we have achieved in the few years would even be possible.

We grow our own veggies, chickens and broody hens. We have baby chicks. We have a cat and a dog and a kid who all love being out here in the bush.

The past 5 years have been a massive learning curve.

Living in New Zealand, personal development, working from home and being a business owner are topics that I am going to cover here on this blog.

I first went overseas in 1997 as an exchange student in Japan for a year.

I manifested that trip.

Many people think that when you are trying to manifest something, you set your intention and then sit back to wait for it to magically happen.

Manifesting does not work like that.

Set your intention, then take inspired action to manifest all of your desires

Set your intention, then take inspired action.

So in my case, taking action looked like talking to past students who had been on an exchange, talking to my school’s current exchange students from other countries, finding about organisations that offered exchange programs, applying, going to camps, meetings, and interviews before going away.

I worked part-time, I did housekeeping and babysitting jobs to help fundraise the money. My parents were amazing too. I didn’t have my driver’s license so mum and dad had to drive me to the meetings and orientations.

I always wanted to travel so going to Japan for a year as a teenager set the scene for the next decade or two of my life.

After I came home, I went to University (where I studied Japanese), and then worked a couple of jobs before setting my intention to travel again. I wanted to go back to Japan to teach English so I took inspired action to research companies that were hiring, organising interviews, visas and flights, before heading off again in 2004.

When I was in Japan, most of my students were adults who wanted to learn English so they could travel. They talked about Italy, France or Hawaii and I was so jealous! I wanted to travel to all those places too. So after a year in Japan, I decided to go to London for a year to see more of Europe. I spent 11 months in London, then did a 6-week backpacking trip visiting many different countries and then found myself working on super yachts which I ended up doing for over 5 years.

This was my dream job that I didn’t even know existed at that time. I went everywhere – France, Italy, Greece, the Caribbean, Florida, NYC, and Dubai. It was so much fun and I loved it.

Someone asked me recently if I was ever afraid being overseas but I always had the belief, this absolute conviction, this deep inner knowing that everything would always work out for me. No matter where I went or what I did, I always found a job, I always made money to support myself and I always made it happen.

I have always lived my life like this.

Everything will always work out.

Even when we wanted to buy this home and live off the grid, I still had the belief that everything would always work out.

It took longer than we expected and we had a few hiccups along the way but I have no doubt in my mind that it was meant to be and this house waited for us to buy it. It was always going to be our house. We saw it for sale online and then we took a chance and moved to the area even though we didn’t have jobs. I worked from home but it was only part-time. We took a chance and we moved to the other end of the country and it all worked out for us.

My whole life people would say I was lucky

When I was overseas, people would say, ‘you’re so lucky, you get to travel.’

When my son was born, people would say ‘you’re so lucky, you get to work from home’.

LUCK is such a funny word.

People are not generally lucky – maybe if you win the Lottory you are lucky – and unless you have the right money mindset, you will most likely lose it all – but for most of us when set the intention and take inspired action to manifest our desires it looks like luck to the outside world.

“Opportunity Is Missed Because It Is Dressed In Overalls and Looks Like Work.”

What is your intention for the next 12 months?

What inspired action can you take to make this happen?

You do not need to see the whole staircase. You just need to take the first step.

When I went to teach English in Japan, I didn’t know that I would be overseas for 10 years. I just took the next step and then the next and then the next.

Same with working from home. When I started working from home, I had no idea I would end up where I am now.

Leave a comment below and let me know that you are manifesting right now!

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