If you love planners and want to start creating your own, I’ve got you covered!

Below you’ll find a list of favourite courses, templates and tools that I use every day in my own soulful digital planner & journal business. (affiliate links)


This is the course platform I use for all of my courses and customer hubs. Even if you don’t have digital courses, there are so many other uses for this like having a freebie library that you give your email subscribers access to. AND it’s customizable so you can match your course to your branding.

Wandering Aimfully (WAIM)

I have been a member of Wandering Aimfully for many years now and I just love it! Jason and Caroline have the un-boring monthly coaching program which has everything you’ll ever need to know about building an online business including templates, workbooks, and Notion starter packs. PLUS if you join WAIM, you’ll get lifetime access to Teachery (see above) FREE!!

The Magic is You

The Magic is You is more than just a membership group. It’s all about loving ourselves, trusting our intuition and going all-in on our Zone of Genius. Michelle and Aimee are amazing and joining a group of supportive, like-minded women all on the same journey has been incredible.

Digital Template Kit

Want to create digital planners from scratch but have no idea where to begin? The digital template kit has everything you need to get started!

Canva Template Kit

If you’re not into digital planners but want to create printables instead? This template kit is for you! You get over 292 Canva templates designed specifically for people who want to start and build a business selling printable planners super fast!

Passive Income Planner Girl

Turn your zone of genius into a planner you will be so proud of and then turn that planner into a business! I’ve been a student of this course for many years and it’s what I always go back to when I’m creating a new planner.

The Extraordinary Digital Planner Design Course

If you love the look of realistic landscape digital planners, you will love this course! Jayme walks you through the process step by step of how to create the planner, have realistic-looking pages AND Flip Tabs!! How cool is that!!

The Extraordinary Digital Planner Design Template

If you don’t have time to sit down and create it all from scratch, this template is A-MAZING!!! This is your planner business in a box! Inside you’ll find fully customisable landscape digital planner templates for bot Apple Keynote and Affinity Publisher.

Creating Digital Stickers Course

With every planner I make, I also create a matching digital sticker pack to go with it. And this course is how I learned to make them.

The Digital Sticker Template Starter or Deluxe Pack

And while making stickers is so much fun, it’s also time-consuming so I recommend getting this template pack to get started quickly and easily. There are 2 options – a starter pack and the full deluxe pack. Both are amazing in my opinion!

Instructions Template For Digital Planners

If you are worried about selling planners because you are worried about the technical questions you might get asked, this Instructions template is a GAME-CHANGER! It’s a Canva template that is fully customisable but all the hard work is done for you.

Customer Journey Course