Are you frustrated with your Facebook efforts? You post and post and spend time engaging on other pages and groups but your own page is lackluster. Is your Page suffering after all the algorithm changes?  Here are some fresh ideas for helping your Facebook posts engage more people: 


Focus on Your Fans

When we post on our Facebook Page, it is natural to first think of what we need to say—that’s why there are so many self-indulgent, cryptic or “empty” posts. Before you ever log onto Facebook (or any other social media platform) think about your ideal client. What is she interested in? What would help her, interest her or entertain her?

Get into the habit of focusing on your ideal client before posting, and you will soon see your engagement rate rise.

What Should I Post on Facebook Today?


Don’t be Afraid to Post the Occasional Bit of Pure Fun

Something that genuinely makes your audience laugh is always a hit—and it needn’t spoil your branding if you pick your subject carefully.  (For example, the photo below would be perfect if you know that a high percentage of your clients have cats, and post about them regularly.)


Have fun on Facebook and entertain your audience


Make Sure Your Boosted Posts Are Always Relevant

For example, if a post was related to a particular holiday, remember to stop the post once the holiday is over!

And don’t boost popular posts if their timeliness and relevance are over, no matter how many shares they got.


Post All the Time

There’s no way around it, you have to post consistently to keep people—and Facebook—engaged with your feeds.
Creating a post plan and logging into content idea/scheduling sites like Post Planner or CoSchedule will help you keep on top of this in minimal time per day.

Explore Curated Content

In addition to rotating your post media types, explore sharing other people’s relevant content. A mix of your posts and curated content seems to work best on Facebook, according to Facebook expert, Mari Smith.

Just make sure you introduce your curated content with why you are sharing it (why your ideal reader will care).


Find Routines to Make Posting Exciting

If you feel you “have” to post every day, it will soon become a chore. That’s why it’s important to find and create routines to keep posting fun and exciting for you, as well as your fans.

One quick way to do this: Take a day every week to brainstorm post ideas. Do this on a day that is separate from post writing. Then, when you need an idea, just reference wherever you store ideas. (You can even post them on colorful sticky notes and make a random “eyes-shut” selection.)

Not only will having a routine stimulate your creativity, but it will also help you write better posts!


Think About the Specific Goal for Each Facebook Video

One thing you’ll often see on Facebook when it comes to videos: People making the same type of video, over and over.

Don’t do that—it’s the quickest way to get people to tune-out-and-skip.
Think about what you want your Facebook video to achieve before making it—and realize you can tailor videos to all sorts of goals, including:

  • Teaching
  • Demonstrating
  • Entertaining
  • Giving shout-outs and recognition to your clients/fans
  • Inspiring and uplifting
  • Show a milestone moment occurring (one that will be relevant to your viewer)
  • Showing what’s possible
  • Giving a tour of your location


Find Out When Your Ideal Fans Are Online

What works well with building trust and engaging people on Facebook: Responding to a comment or post while they are online. Ditto, posting your posts—that’s when someone comments, and you answer.

(The easiest way to do this? Check your Facebook Page Insights.)


Analyze Your Success

Remembering that only 90 characters are recommended for mobile Facebook viewing, play with different post lengths. See what common denominators your most successful posts share.

  • Do they have an image? Links? Videos?
  • Are they longer or shorter posts?
  • Are they posted at a different time of day?
  • Were they timely and relevant?
  • What type of post were they? Informational, funny, breaking-news, inspirational, quote, tip, infographic and so forth.


Be There to Care

We are still very much in the age of heartfelt marketing, so make sure that when you’re on Facebook, you put helping and caring about your fans highest on the list.

Even if your particular fans are not an emotional bunch, identify with their interests, help them beat their biggest challenges and walk every step of the way with them towards their most primary goals.


Give Them Something to Do—then Make Them Want to Do It

Don’t just go for passive “Likes.” Giving your Facebook followers something to do—prompting them to take action—is what hooks and engages them with you. Make sure the call-to-action is clearly spelled out and stands alone—don’t ask them to do five things. Point out the big benefit of doing it immediately—even if it’s simply that they will lose out if they don’t.

(Example: “Fifty Ways to Make Your Workspace More Efficient” is free only for today on Amazon. Pick it up while you can—there are about six hours left.”)


Be Personal

It’s one thing to make sure your posts are relevant and helpful—but don’t be afraid to let your unique personality show through. It is what makes the wrong audience run away—and the right one enthusiastically sticks around to engage.


Create a Theme

Not a meme—those have fallen out of favor with Facebook. But do something distinctive with your posts that only you do. For example, one coach creates inspirational nature photographs with hand-written captions, heavily loaded with imagery (she’s a spiritual coach) and painted in Japanese pen and ink. A particular artist always posts fractal drawings with bright colors—instantly recognizable. Another coach has her dog present “Millie’s Monday” posts—all with a message that resonates with her clients.

Themed posts are an excellent way to brand yourself for instant recognition.


Broadcast Live

Facebook Live is taking the world by a storm and what better way to tell your fans your latest news than by jumping on a Facebook Live with them. You can broadcast from mobile and desktop so put some lipstick on and engage with your fans in real time.


Throw Occasional Contests into Your Facebook Post Mix

Use apps like ShortStack or Woobox to easily create contests your fans will like. Make the prize either something frivolously fun or something incredibly helpful—a set of your templates, for example.

Just make sure your contests follow Facebook’s guidelines.


Tell a Story

Don’t just share a link—include even a one-sentence anecdote to personalise it to your reader and you.

Don’t just post a photo—evoke a feeling, and emotion. Remind your fans of their similar stories with your photo.

  • Share a failure; then offer hope.
  • Make a promise; then keep it.
  • Be real.


Make a Promise in the First Sentence

Let your readers know what you’re going to deliver in your post—in the very first sentence. That way, you’re setting up expectations: And an expectation fulfilled is a satisfying post!

Use Short Sentences

Even if you decide a longer length will work for a particular post, write, in short, everyday phrases. People’s brains grow “tired,” wading through compound sentences—especially with today’s emphasis on mobile message protocols and instant gratification.

Cut out adjectives, adverbs and weakening (unnecessary) words or phrases like ‘very’ ‘actually’ and ‘really’. There is a cool Gmail extension called Just Not Sorry which can help you get rid of all those words. It’s more for email than blog writing, but it may help you refine your writing by pointing out words you don’t even realise are there. Regardless of whether you use it or not, always run your post through Grammarly as well. I highly recommend upgrading to the premium version for additional help.

Then read your post aloud to yourself, cat or husband. Say exactly what you want to say—no more; no less.


Make Your Facebook Ads Feel Personal and Conversational 

Client case studies show that ads feeling like a regular part of your fan’s feed—like posts—have a noticeably higher conversion and click-through rate than ads that are obviously advertisements.

Make sure your Facebooks ads are relvevant

Notice the difference between the comments, Likes, and shares between these two ads. The first ad is a conversational post from Steve Harrison; the second a traditional ad from Infusionsoft. Jack Canfield—the subject of Harrison’s ad—and Infusionsoft have relatively equal visibility and authority yet Harrison’s conversational-post-style add gathers a stunningly higher number of comments, Likes, and shares.
Facebook is all about connecting with your audience. They are there to catch up with friends and family so blend into their news feed with valuable posts.

Use these tips to help your posts represent your brand in a way that truly connects.