Heather tried a lipstick from a friend one day, not realising she would start a whole business out of it! Now she uses Facebook Video and Instagram to help other women find the perfect pucker and build their confidence at the same time.

Here’s her story:

Tell us about your business or blog

I am an Independent Distributor for SeneGence International and their flagship product LipSense. This company is booming and just got a billboard in Times Square. It’s also the most popular lip color of Broadway. They also have a great skin care line and makeup range. The company was founded by its owner when she was a single lady.


Why did you start it?

I actually tried the product first from a friend who had just signed up. I fell in love with the staying power of the color. Then she showed me how great the opportunity was to sign up because it was just starting to really take off as a company. I love their products, believe in them and know they work, first hand. It’s so satisfying to help other women feel good about themselves. You’d be amazed at what a good lipstick can do for your confidence!


What steps have you taken to get traction?

I’ve utilized Facebook and Instagram. I’d like to learn how to use Pinterest and possibly YouTube to get further traction. I wear lipstick all the time now because it doesn’t come off. I carry a bag as a purse that actually advertises my business for me as well. I give great customer service and love getting to know my customers on a personal level.


What has been the main way of getting your name out there?

FB, IG and word of mouth


What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

I was nervous about doing videos on my FB page but I’m pretty outgoing so I just did it. I actually did a video on my friend’s page for her before I even signed up. The challenge I need to overcome now is how to get this opportunity out there to more women.


What has been your biggest success in your business?

Making new women friends over Facebook. Better skin because I’m using great products. Building an awesome client base and keeping them as customers.


What is your family life like outside of business?

I have my husband (who owns his own business) and two daughters (12 and 8).


What do you love most about being a business mum?

I like that I can set my own hours, work from anywhere because my main business tool is my phone. That I can be home when my kids are sick, I can go with them on field trips and not worrying about scheduling my job around them. I also love having my own business checking account.


What advice would you give someone getting started today?

If you really want it, go for it! With an MLM you get out of it what you put into it. Also, make sure you reach out to your upline or other Distributors if you need a question answered or help with figuring things out. In our MLM we refer to each other as SeneSisters.


Where can other mums connect with you?

Facebook or Instagram are the best places to find me.