Homestead Management Digital Planner

Homestead Management Digital Planner
🍅 🍆🧅🥬🥦 Growing food and raising animals 🐓 🐐 is tough so you need to keep track of your progress.

Most Homestead planners are over 100 pages which takes a lot of printing and ink.

When you use this digital planner on your iPad or tablet you can duplicate as many pages as you need and you don't have a bulky binder to carry around. You can keep it all together in one place on your iPad or tablet.

There are 6 sections:

🌿 Homestead - Yearly overview, Vision Papping, Goals, Project planner, To-do list

🌿 Kitchen - Pantry inventory, Freezer inventory, Canning goods, Herbs inventory, Homemade good inventory

🌿 Animals - Egg collection, Animal acquisition, Animals sold, Meat record, Medical Supply Inventory, Animal Health Record, Breeding Record

🌿 Garden - Garden chores, Seed inventory, Garden Design, Planting tracker, Harvest log, Garden Journal

🌿 Notes - 4 types of lined and blank note paper

🌿 Sewing - Sewing projects, Sewing goals and Sewing Project Planner

All of these sections have hyperlinked tabs for easy access.


🌿 12 monthly sections with an undated calendar that links to the weekly pages, monthly project list, weekly chores, to-do list, monthly budget, monthly revenue and monthly expenses.

All Tabs are hyperlinked.

Monday Start (Sunday Start version is coming soon.)

Check out my video to learn how to use Goodnotes:
(This is the old version of the planner, I will update this as soon as I can).


*** If you don't have a stylus, no worries you can type directly onto the page.

The Apps are not included and you will have to purchase either one of these separately.


👉 If you are new to digital planning, try out my FREE minimal life planner by signing up here ->

Please send me a message if you have any questions!

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