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Homestead Management Landscape Digital Planner

Homestead Management Landscape Digital Planner


🍅 🍆🧅🥬🥦 Growing food and raising animals 🐓 🐐 is tough so you need to keep track of your progress year to year.

Most Homestead management binders are over 100 pages which takes a lot of printing and ink.

** Even if you aren’t living on a homestead, you can still use this planner to keep track of your garden, pets and other home projects.

When you use this digital planner on your iPad or tablet you can duplicate as many pages as you need and you don't have a bulky binder to carry around. You can keep it all together in one place on your iPad or tablet.

There are 4 main sections:

🌿 Planner - Monthly calendar, project list, weekly planner pages, daily do, daily gratitude

🌿 Homestead - Yearly overview, Pantry inventory, Freezer inventory, Canning goods, Herbs inventory, Homemade goods inventory, Egg collection, Animal acquisition, Animals sold, Meat record, Medical Supply Inventory, Animal Health Record, Breeding Record

🌿 Finances - Monthly budget, monthly expenses, monthly income, monthly review

🌿 Garden - Garden chores, Seed inventory, Garden Design, Planting tracker, Harvest log, Garden Journal

All of these sections have hyperlinked tabs for easy access. The Tabs flip over like a real planner. 

You will get both Monday and Sunday Start planner files. 


Check out my video to learn how to use Goodnotes:


After purchase, you will receive a PDF file with a link to download your file, then upload that PDF to your Goodnotes or Noteshelf or another notation app.

*** If you don't have a stylus, no worries you can type directly onto the page.

The Apps are not included and you will have to purchase either one of these separately.


👉 If you are new to digital planning, try out my FREE minimal life planner by signing up here ->

Please send me a message if you have any questions!



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