When my son Eli was born and I started taking him to play dates and mum groups, other mums would ask me about what I did. They were amazed and impressed when I said I work from home doing Social Media Management for small businesses and often asked me how they could do it too.

I had the idea to start a Business Mum Community for YEARS before I actually started it and now we are a small but mighty group of mums who have our own business or want to start one. The more I talk to other mums, the more I realise how many of them actually dream of working from home, making an income to support their families and doing something for themselves, but like many people when they are first starting out – they have no idea where to start. No idea what they can do, or how to even start marketing themselves.

So, after much research, I have come up with the Top 10 ways to make money working from home.

If you know that you want to work from home but are not sure what to do, download it completely free below.